Building Rubinius in Ruby

I had intended to write a post in the near future about why building Rubinius in Ruby was important – but I see today that Mathieu Martin has beaten me to it, with the first in a series of articles on Rubinius. In Part 1: Rubies all the way down, he makes the case for building Rubinius in Ruby, setting out the pros and dispelling the myths about dynamic languages being too slow to self-host. It’s a great read, and a much more eloquent argument than I could have made.

I’m certainly looking forward to future articles in this series!


One Response to “Building Rubinius in Ruby”

  1. Thanks for your kind words Adam. I’m also looking forward to your future articles about Rubinius. The cover the much deeper details of the workings of Rubinius, which fascinates me 🙂
    Keep it up!

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